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I’m going out to my event a full week before and returning a week after the event, so can I leave my bike at the bike shop pickup 4 or 5 days at least before you collect, and pick it up 3 or 4 days after you drop it off there after the race?

TriBike Transport have NO official facility to collect and drop off bikes to our partner store’s on your behalf. However a number of or partner store have arranged to do a PRE or POST race service on your bike for your event. This is up to each customer to arrange this directly with the partner store and pay the appropriate fee to them. Then in turn, you let TriBike Transport know and we can then collect or drop of the bike to this store of your behalf. A number of our customers have already arranged and our partner stores are more than happy to help. This is a great incentive for customers who are holidaying after your event and you cannot make our drop off point so you don’t have to lug your bike around after your event with those aching pains!

What actual size of bag will TriBike Transport take?

TriBike Transport will accept a small sports bag. This can be similar to that of a team holdall bag, school bag or backpack. The weight of the bag can be up to 7.5kg. This means you can include such items as your wetsuit, cycling shoes, helmet or runners. This is included in the price of the transport.

Can I take an extra set of Race wheels to an event?

The answer is yes but there will be an additional charge of €40 for a set of wheels. This is payable on the day you drop off the bike to us, but you must let us know in adavnce via email before the collection.

Will my bike be insured during travel?

Yes. Our company has public liability and also carriers liability which means TriBike Transport are liable for damage during travel and loss of cargo (except those arising from acts of God and inherent nature of the goods put in the box .i.e drugs) from acceptence of cargo through its delivery or release.

The limit of exposure accepted by TriBike Transport is noted at a maximum of €3000 per bike (£2500 roughly). A Bike is defined as equipment associated with and accessories required to participate in the event”

Will my bike be secure during Travel?

They will be professionaly racked in our transport vehicle using the concept that pro tour teams use to transport their bikes. It will take out the hassle of dissembling and reassembling your bike before and after the event and also the cost of renting a box . The bikes will be securely racked during travel at the front fork and frame, by the rear wheel and also a protective covering placed over it. We will also transport a small bag for you to allow you to include your wetsuit, bike shoes, helmet, CO2 cannisters or anything else your would like us transport.

What if I am travelling or staying on longer after the event and I cannot pick up my bike?

When you drop off your bike to us initially, each customer will be giving a personal wristband. This wristband allows you to collect your bike at the event, and also enables you to return your bike to us after your event. If you’re not available to attend any of these pickups, you will have advised us in advance and we will agree on a password to allow collection of your bike by a third party.

Will my bike definitely get there?

TriBike Transport will ensure that your bike gets to your event safe and secure. Our company has given this service enough attention to detail to make sure your bike arrives at event location at a MINNIMUM of 3 days before your event takes place. If we are there before the times stated, TriBike Transport will let all customers know in the event that you want an early pick up.

If you have any other questions in relation to TriBike Transport you can email us on

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Why Use TriBike Transport?

No stress before your event
No need to disassemble/assemble your bike
Fully insured
Convenient locations in Ireland & UK
Great value
You can book securely using your credit card